Suit Yourself! Wearing What Works for Your Body and Your Brand

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As an image and personal branding professional, instinctively, and by training, I focus on the visual signature men and women create with their appearance, presence, body language and silhouette. While it is not the only thing that matters, the optics (and substance) of your image and brand are crticaly to your success. At a recent networking event, I watched a prominent business woman stand up to address the attendees. She was confident, articulate, personable, knowledgeable, attractive and engaging. Her body type was rounded and full-figured. It was her attire however, that drew attention and created a distraction. Her dress was too tight, too shiny and did not complement her body type. She wore no makeup or accessories and her shoes did not flatter her feet or her clothing. In my opinion, this woman was not wearing what worked best for her body or her brand.
The second woman is an accomplished, professional who is talented, attractive, competent, and well- respected in her field. She has great communication and interpersonal skills. Her body type is athletic and slender.   She has admitted to having no sense of style and therefore is always unsure about what is appropriate for the workplace or social occasions. She does however, have strong preferences about clothing and an equally strong desire to feel comfortable in her own self expression.  She has acknowledged the desire to work with a professional image consultant to help define her personal brand, understand image principles and identify clothing that suit her best and are enjoyable to wear.
Knowing how to align your personal and professional appearance with your body type and style preferences and also communicate your brand message is important to feeling good about yourself and your overall success. Whether you are at work or socializing, feeling confident in the image you project matters a great deal. My experience with these two women prompted me to develop a new workshop designed to truly help women make this connection. Women who attend the four interactive workshops will complete a journey to discover the principles of image, their personal brand, body type essentials and personal style. This takes time, commitment and a positive attitude.
Image and branding consultants offer many services to help adults and youth project confidence, credibility and embrace civility.  November 23, 2013 is International Image Consultants Day. Consider hiring an image professional today.
Discover what works best for your body and your brand with our Suit Yourself Workshop series  Click here for more info:

About Yasmin Anderson-Smith

Yasmin Anderson-Smith is a certified image management and personal branding coach, trainer, speaker and author with global exposure and a focus on civility. Yasmin empowers and inspires business women, young professionals and college students to achieve career success and build respect and trust.

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  1. October 3, 2014 at 11:35 pm #

    Very nice article. I certainly love this website. Thanks!

    • Yasmin Anderson-Smith November 11, 2014 at 4:58 am #

      Thank you.

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